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Byly Depil Almond Oil Hair Removal Face Strips 20pc

Rs.645 645 0
(Inclusive of 17% GST)
 In Stock
 Ships In: 1-3 Days
  • Category: Wax
  • Brand: Byly Depil
  • Product Code: 10556


 Wash the skin and wipe it with a pre-depilatory wipe. Place the wax strip between your palms to heat it up. Carefully peel off the protective layer. Press the strip onto your skin and smooth it, rubbing in the direction of the hair growth. Hold the skin tight with one hand and pull the strip off with the other, moving against the direction of hair growth. Gently massage the skin with a post-depilatory wipe.
Precautions. Do not use on spotted, irritated, sunburnt, inflamed or injured skin, moles. Read the instructions carefully before using the strips.


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