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Partner with the Unrivaled Leader in Pakistan's Beauty & Fashion Landscape

Effortless Brand Showcase with Vegas.pk & enjoy and unlimited growth & success.

How is Works – Its as simple as 1.2.3…

Hey there! 👋 Ready to take it easy and effortlessly showcase your beauty brand in Pakistan? Look no further! At Vegas.pk, we've got the friendliest team in region, and we're here to make introducing your products a breeze. No hassle, no stress – all we need is 100% authentic beauty & fashion products with a zero compromise on authenticity.

1. Instant Market Access:

Gain immediate access to the thriving Pakistani beauty market. By partnering with us, your brand benefits from our extensive online reach and foot traffic in our physical outlets.

2. No Need to Push Hard to Sell:

Relax and let your products speak for themselves. With Vegas.pk, there's no need to exert extra effort to sell. Our platform and outlets are already buzzing with eager customers ready to discover new beauty treasures.

3. Established Brand Trust:

Leverage our established brand trust. Customers trust Vegas.pk for quality and authenticity. Associating your brand with us enhances credibility and encourages customer confidence.

4. Consignment and Cross-Docking Opportunities:

Embrace our innovative consignment and cross-docking models. Showcase your products without the need for extensive stock investments, allowing for flexible and risk-free market exploration.

5. Personalized Support

Enjoy personalized support from our dedicated team. We believe in nurturing strong relationships with our brand partners, offering assistance tailored to your brand's unique needs.

6. Flexible Collaboration Models

We understand that every brand is unique. Explore flexible collaboration models that suit your brand's goals, whether it's exclusive partnerships, featured collections, or promotional events.

How to Join

Apply Online:

Visit our brand partnership page and submit your application. Tell us your brand story, your unique offerings, and how you envision collaborating with Vegas.pk.

Review Process

Our team will carefully review your application, considering factors such as brand identity, quality standards, and alignment with our platform's values.

Effortless Onboarding Process:

Once accepted, our onboarding process is designed to be smooth and efficient. You'll gain access to our platform, and our team will work closely with you to set up your brand presence.

Join Us in Elevating Your Brand's Presence:

Partner with Vegas.pk and witness your beauty brand seamlessly integrate into the Pakistani market. Elevate your brand's presence with minimal effort and maximum impact

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